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Mineral Wells, TX
April 15, 2008


Camp Holloway Wall Replica Progresses Toward Dedication Ceremony

On May 15, 2008, volunteers from the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion will be at The National Vietnam War Museum site to complete the replica of the memorial wall originally constructed at Camp Holloway in the Republic of Vietnam. The original wall came about when members of the 52nd CAB organized in 1965 to build a memorial to honor their fallen comrades. When we left Vietnam, the wall remained. Now, 43 years later members of the battalion have re-organized to build a replica on home soil. That replica will stand permanently as the focal point of the Contemplation Garden of The National Vietnam War Museum. The organizers of the project hope to find and install the original brass plaques that were returned to the United States when Camp Holloway closed. If the originals cannot be located, replicas will be produced to make the wall as authentic as possible to the original.

Camp Holloway, near the city of Pleiku, was named in honor of CW2 Charles E. Holloway, the first member of the 81st Transportation Company killed in action in Vietnam in December 1962. The 81st was a CH-21 helicopter unit, supporting the ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam), based at Pleiku from September 1962 until June 1963. CH-21 “Shawnee” helicopters were early tandem rotor aircraft first brought into the Army inventory in the mid 1950s. Know colloquially as the “Flying Banana,” they saw service in the early stages of the Vietnam War. It was the piston-engine precursor to the more powerful tandem rotor Boeing CH-46 “Sea Knight” and CH-47 “Chinook” turbine-engine helicopters.

The 81st Transportation Company subsequently became the 119th Aviation Company, now equipped with UH-1 “Huey” helicopters, and served with the 52nd CAB at Camp Holloway until December 1970, when the unit departed Vietnam. On July 4th of 1963, the airstrip at Pleiku was named in honor of CW2 Holloway, and following the buildup of American forces, the new base camp, established approximately 3 kilometers east of the city was also named in honor of CW2 Holloway. According to available information, it was one of the earliest named U.S. installations in the Republic of Vietnam.

Once the replica wall is complete, the Parker County Master Gardeners will develop the Contemplation Garden using a “water wise” design approach that features native and adapted plants. The objective is to have the garden well established for the planned dedication ceremony of the wall on November 8 of this year, to correspond with the Veterans’ Day weekend. Members of the 52nd CAB will be in attendance for the dedication, along with members of the museum board, and other guests. There will also be some very special guests at the ceremony, the family of CW2 Holloway.

Members of the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion, other units stationed at Camp Holloway, friends and family, and other interested individuals should mark their calendars to plan to attend this very special event. This is the only wall of its type in the world, and it will add to the interest in and stature of The National Vietnam War Museum.

Units of the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion

3rd Aviation Company*      57th Aviation Company      68th Aviation Company*

117th Aviation Company   119th Aviation Company *  155th Aviation Company

161st Aviation Company   170th Aviation Company *   174th Aviation Company

179th Aviation Company* 189th Aviation Company*    219th Aviation Company*

238th Aviation Company   355th Aviation Company    361st Aviation Company*

Troop B, 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry*      Troop D, 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry*


Other Affiliated Units

81st Transportation Company*                     604th Transportation Company*

                       * Indicates units stationed at Camp Holloway


The original wall at Camp Holloway

    The original wall at Camp Holloway

CH-21 Shawnee

           CH-21 Shawnee                                        


Edward T. Luttenberger
Communications Director
The National Vietnam War Museum




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