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Mineral Wells, TX
June 15, 2010


Museum Update Ė Mid-year 2010

In addition to hosting the update of our Vietnam Memorial Wall, the museum has been busy on several other fronts this year.

After over a yearís research counting the number of visitors to the museum grounds, TXDOT has given us signs on Highway 180 announcing the museum site. These are the typical light brown highway signs like the ones for Clark Gardens and Lake Mineral Wells State Park. They will help advise drivers who fail to notice our UH-1 of the upcoming entrance to the museum and its gardens. In addition, we have been allowed to adopt the stretch of highway in front of the museum and a new blue sign announces that as well.

The Visitor Center project is progressing nicely. The interior is approaching completion, and the exterior needs two more porches and a set of stairs to be complete. We expect to have the Visitor Center up and running later this year with our Gift Shop open and our first display(s) in the Gallery.

As with the original in Washington, D.C., we have a way for visitors to locate a name on our replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The difference is that with ours, you donít have to search through an unabridged dictionary-sized paper book. On May 5, we installed our computer kiosk with a complete database of all the names. Visitors can use the touch screen to search by last name, first name, or hometown to locate any of the more than 58,000 names on the wall. Students from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas did the programming and software/hardware integration as part of a class project. They will be recognized for their efforts on a plaque in the museum, as well as a sign on the enclosure that will soon be added over the kiosk.

The Midwestern State personnel involved in the project were Dr. Catherine Stringfellow, head of the Department of Computer Science, Paul Benson, Keith Enloe, Frank Keck, Craig Schrum, Everaldo Aguiar, Jose Ramirez, Alex Miller, Barrett Jones, Richard Simpson, Tina Johnson, and Marcus Hill. The museum is extremely grateful for all their work to bring about the successful completion of this project.

We have acquired some additional artifacts that will benefit the museum in various ways. In addition to another 2-1/2 Ton truck, we have acquired a 5-Ton tractor and flatbed trailer that we can use for transporting large artifacts, as well as for ceremonial purposes like the Veteranís Day Parade. We also have the complete cabin from a UH-1H that will be used for display purposes and allow visitors to sit in the cockpit for a pilotís eye view. And still in the works is our OV-10 static display aircraft project which will provide a fixed wing compliment to our UH-1.

Finally, weíve also installed a Caretakerís cottage on the grounds and will have a permanent resident on-site to watch over the facility during off hours. And our delayed Spring fundraiser is upcoming on September 18, at the Rahr Brewery in Fort Worth.

All in all, it has been and will continue to be another busy year as we work toward our goal of building a museum to build understanding.

Please visit our website for more information about the museum, our gardens, future events, and donation opportunities at

The National Vietnam War Museum is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Texas.

Adopt-A-Highway Sign

Midwestern State students & faculty:
Alex Miller, Jose Ramirez, Craig Schrum,
Everaldo Aguiar, Marcus Hill

Kiosk (Back & Front views)

5-Ton Tractor

Caretaker Cottage

Museum Highway Sign

Edward T. "Edd" Luttenberger
Communications Director
The National Vietnam War Museum




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