The vision for The National Vietnam War Museum is to create an atmosphere of learning that will engage people of all ages, nationalities, and political points of view. Eight broad themes, relating to the era, will be interwoven throughout the museum and its exhibits, to engage and involve the visitor.

The Cold War
The Nation & Culture of Vietnam
Vietnam War Chronology
An Evolution in Ground, Sea & Air Warfare
The Home Front
Technology and the War
War's End & Aftermath
Fort Wolters

All of these themes, except Fort Wolters, are directly related to the reasons for the war, the conduct of the war, or the end result of the war. Fort Wolters is chosen as a theme because of the museum's location and the fact that virtually all the helicopter pilots who served in Vietnam began their training at this North Texas base.

The National Vietnam War Museum seeks to create for each visitor an understanding of this era in history. Guests will be provided the opportunity to clear up the misconceptions that have arisen, over the years, about the Vietnam War. The exhibits will provide different viewpoints, encourage visitors to raise questions, and provide them with the information necessary to form their own opinions and challenge longstanding misunderstandings.

Just as the reflecting pool outside the building and the contemplative garden settings around the Museum provide for reflection, visitors will be aware of the many opportunities to reflect on the experiences they have within the museum. This opportunity will be built into the entire museum concept.

While we tend to think of the Vietnam War as being primarily a part of the 1960s, the Museum will show involvement that extends far beyond that decade. And the experience in Vietnam had far-reaching significance around the globe. This involvement and experience will be reflected in the various exhibits and galleries of The National Vietnam War Museum.

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