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Physical address: 12685 Mineral Wells Hwy, Weatherford, Texas
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1779, Weatherford, TX 76086
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#12 Julie Musser 2021-03-29 14:56
Visited the museum the weekend before Vietnam Veterans Day & was impressed with the small museum set up in the visitors center as well as the outdoor garden displays & walls. Very informative & nice hosts that will answer all your questions. All veterans themselves. Seems the bigger museum is still in progress, and though it has taken some criticism on the time frame, some patience should be in order, as it does take campaigns of donations for these things to come to fruition as well as selfless, tireless dedication of volunteers! We toured the 'big' museum in progress and its coming along great. COVID prevented it from opening it 2020, but am looking forward to seeing its full grand opening some day soon. I would encourage those of us that can to pass along this important history to generations behind us! Thank you to the many who are making this possible. #Never forget.
#11 Richard Landrum 2020-10-05 20:36
Visited the museum is Sept. 2020. I learned a lot about the war through the exhibits and the helpful staff. Awesome. Looking forward to visiting again in the near future. To all those who have served, Thank You!
#10 Hazen Hopper 2020-10-03 23:08
I was one of the first contributors to the museum years ago. What happened ? Did someone steal the money ? It should be done by now. I was promised that my name would be displayed. Where, on the side of a vehicle ? And you have the audacity to ask me for more money to be an "original contributor" ? You people are phonies.
#9 Larry L. Hamilton 2020-09-25 17:37
Was with the 586th Signal Company in An Khe Aug. 65-Aug. 66 friends with a few of the cav. troopers Went on a few missions as a radio operator. lost several friends there.
#8 Tom Lewis, CSM R 2020-08-19 20:09
The family and i visited back in 2017, enjoyed the area, and the UH-1H keeping watch over the place. Looking forward to the continued growth and the great work all of you all have done. US Army, Texas Army National Guard, 1970-2008
#7 Terry Ward-Llewellyn 2020-07-22 11:00
Having been a Marine 1961-1967, may I suggest that I would gladly donate a size able amount of money to create funding which could be used to create a "Bounty" for anyone Arrested & Convicted for any defacing of a Vietnam memorial. I'm sure that there would be many more of my fellow Veterans willing to support this effort.
Thank you for your time.
Terry Ward-Llewellyn
S/N 1959817
#6 Gonzalo San Miguel J 2020-06-19 16:47
Have been there once and was very thankful for all of you who honor my brothers in arms. One of my best friends died in Vietnam. Did my tour in 1970 and for a long time felt guilty that I made it home and Tony didn't but am continuing to heal. Thank you again for your work.
#5 Clifford C Wooley Jr 2020-05-19 22:02
A great place for reflection. Paying respects, to the "kids" that didn't come home. Give my life more meaning.
#4 William Benoit 2019-11-20 09:28
I had a chance to see the wall in 2013.
I was so impressed and met a DPS officer there.
He and I said prayer together.
Was very moving for me and I suggest everyone that loves our country go check this amazing site out.
Thank you!
#3 Jim higginbotham 2016-10-05 11:09
A lot of memories here, good and not so good. Many a display of our tour over there. Excellent place.

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