Do you have an item you would like to be considered for donation? Please read the donation guidelines below and fill out the submission form and our team will be in contact with you as quickly as possible. 

Please note that due to volume, the museum is unable to accept unsolicited donations by mail unless given prior written approval.


  1. Museum personnel are forbidden from appraising donation items for tax purposes, nor may personnel provide appraisals as a service
  2. Items must have clear title and be free from copyright
  3. Items received for evaluation by a museum staff member must be properly documented with the item’s ownership history and donor’s contact information for museum records. A copy may be made available for the donor if requested.
  4. Items being considered for donation/acquisition must be accompanied by any biographical information or available background information to establish the item’s historical significance. In cases of photography, please provide information on date, location, and subjects for museum archival purposes.
  5. All donated items are accepted on a conditional basis, with museum personnel holding the final decision on whether the museum will accept items and how they will be used.
  6. Restricted item donations will not be accepted. If an item holds personal significance, the museum requests the item be bequeathed rather than a conditional/restricted donation.
  7. Items accepted as a donation into the collection will come with a thank you letter for tax purposes.
  8. Items not accepted into the collection will have 30 days to be retrieved from the museum before they are considered “abandoned property.” The museum reserves the right to dispose of abandoned property at the discretion of the museum director.
  9. Please note that not all accepted items are guaranteed to be displayed in an exhibit, but the museum upholds the ethical duty to preserve donated items to the best of the institution’s ability.

Artifact Submission Form

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