Huey Helicopter in Contemplation Garden

The Contemplation Garden is the second of the six memorial gardens to be constructed on the museum site. It contains several key attractions, including a Vietnam-era Huey mounted almost 20 feet in the air, a special set of Huey rotor blades with dedication plaques, a flag pole, a covered bench and the only replica of the Camp Holloway Memorial Wall that was located on the post in Pleiku, South Vietnam.

The wall replica  was built by members of the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion who served at the camp, assisted by their friends and family, using donated funds, materials and equipment.

The original wall that stood near the Headquarters in Camp Holloway, was destroyed. For the members of the 52nd CAB who served at Camp Holloway, the "wall" was sacred and represented fellow soldiers and friends that gave their lives in the line of duty.

Camp Holloway Memorial Wall

The wall was estimated to cost from $40,000 to $60,000 and fundraising is still ongoing to maintain the monument. The wall was dedicated with a ceremony on November 8, 2008, at the same time as the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Contemplation Garden.

The Contemplation Garden is filled with plants and trees selected and planted according to the design prepared by members of the Weatherford Master Gardeners. A trail of crushed granite allows visitors access to the memorial wall and other features of the garden.

Donations are still needed for operation and long-term maintenance of the Contemplation Garden and may be made at the Museum's Giving Fund page or they may be mailed to the museum at P.O. Box 146, Mineral Wells, Texas 76068. Please include a notation that the contribution is for the Camp Holloway Memorial Wall.

Please contact either Vern Gano at or Gerry Sandlin at for more information about the Camp Holloway Memorial Wall project.

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