Staff and Leadership


- Gerald Brazell, President

- Ryan Sisak, Vice President

 - Jim Messinger, Treasurer

- Rowena Ash, Secretary

- Charles S. Bogle, Director

- John Hyatt, Director

 - Richard Gaurkee, Director

  - Katee Girling, Director

- Bill Kane, Director

- Edward T. Luttenberger, Director

- Mike Meyer, Director

 - Choi Nguyen, Director

- H. Wayne Sanderson, Director

 - Angelo Spelios, Director

 - Jim Willbanks, Director


- John T. Chain, Jr., General (USAF-Ret)

 - Adrian Cronauer, Former Armed Forces Vietnam DJ) †

- The Honorable Craig Estes, Senator (R-TX 30th District)

- Magne Hagen, Former Secretary to the King of Norway

- Victor J. Hugo, Major General (USA-Ret) †

 - The Honorable Sam Johnson, Congressman (R-TX 3rd District) & Colonel (USAF-Ret), Vietnam POW †

- John Knapp, Veterans of Foreign Wars

- Michael A. Lindquist, Colonel (USA-Ret)

- Robert R. Ozier, CW4 (USA-Ret) - Vice Commander-in-Chief, The Military Order of the World Wars

- James T. Spivey, Brigadier General (USAR-Ret) - Former Assistant Chief of Chaplains, US Army Reserves

- The Honorable James Webb, Senator (D-VA), Former Secretary of the Navy, USMC Vietnam Veteran - best-selling author, attorney

- Michael E. Williams, Colonel (USMC-Ret)

- Jim Young, Past Department Commander, Department of Texas, The American Legion


- Ean Tillett, Museum Director/Curator

At this time, there are no open positions. If you would like to have your resume placed in our files for future consideration, please email

While no employment opportunities are currently available, we are still looking for volunteers to get involved! Click here to get involved!

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